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Use the power and modularity of our technology

At the basis of Linkello solutions is Linkello Core, a technical platform and software components allowing the implementation of video calls.

A set of tools, JS library and SDKs, gives you access to this platform allowing you to imagine and develop another video call solution that perfectly meets your needs.

For web app

Are you a web developer? Integrate our javascript library to set up audio / video calls within your web applications and websites

For the Android universe

Are you an Android mobile application developer? Thanks to our native SDK, you can set up audio / video calls within your Android applications

Apple universe

Are you a mobile application developer under IOS? Thanks to our native SDK, you can set up audio / video calls within your IOS mobile applications (iPhone iPad, ..)

Connected objects

Are you a Linux IOT application developer? Thanks to our native SDK, you can set up audio / video calls within your applications or hardware device

Available in several environments

Freed from all technical and infrastructure aspects, you focus on the use and UX of your applications

Secure service

End-to-end encrypted communications using the WebRTC standard implemented in a truly P2P architecture.

Delegated infrastructure

By choosing Linkello Core, you are choosing not to burden yourself with the implementation and management of the call platform.


Our tools have been designed to hide from you the complexity of setting up a P2P call. Examples are provided to help you get started.


We assure you the continuous compatibility of our tools with web (browsers) or mobile (OS) environments

Sovereignty and GDPR

The infrastructure is hosted on several datacenters in France. No direct personal data is collected by our tools

Recording servers

In case of recording needs, we can set up our recording server which will adapt to your call scenario.

Want to learn more about Linkello Core ?

Capture d’écran 2021-03-19 à 10.02.42.

Connected doorman (videophone intercom connected to the Internet), it allows you to welcome visitors ringing at your home with your smartphone. The solution hosts a video surveillance solution.

Enabled features:

IOS SDK, Android SDK, Recording server

Capture d’écran 2021-03-19 à 10.06.11.

Connected box for videoconferencing and messages on senior television, it allows senior citizens to receive a video call directly on their television set, by simply pressing a button.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Enabled features:

Embedded Linux SDK

Example of projects integrating Linkello Core

Réunion virtuelle

Information request

Contact us below for any questions or project presentation, we will be happy to answer you.

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