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Integrate our service into your applications

Do you want to enhance your service with a fully integrated turnkey video call solution?

Thanks to its API, integrate the Linkello service in a few clicks within your web application without having to worry about setting up and managing an infrastructure.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Submit services of audio calls, visios, document sharing, accommodation in HADS environment.

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Linkello Office API

All audio, video, screen sharing and document call management services in our Linkello Office API without having to manage the infrastructure.

Linkello Medical API

Offer a teleconsultation service, telecare with all the features of audio calls, visios, document sharing, in an environment dedicated to health mode (HADS).

For different uses

The main functions of the API


Creation and management of links

Creation and management of access links to the virtual room, allowing you to decide on the desired user experience in accordance with your application.

The virtual room in your colors

The virtual call room in which participants meet to communicate is integrated into your page and can be customized to your colors, thanks to the Linkello room toolkit

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Manage your video call service

Choose the validity date of your link, activate statistics and call history

Technical characteristics and commercial advantages

Rest API

Server-to-server API used to manage the generation of access links

Access control

Requests to the Linkello API must be authenticated via a signature system inserted in the HTTP request

Ease of integration

Only 5 “End points”. You can focus on the ergonomics of your service

Unconstrained trade policy

You charge your users the way you want.

We charge you for the number of links used.

Réunion virtuelle

Information request

Contact us below for any questions or project presentation, we will be happy to answer you.

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