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Documentations and examples

All the demos, code examples and documentation of Linkello Core development tools to allow you to quickly discover our solution and start your developments.


JS library


Our JavaScript library allows you to integrate video and audio calling features into your web applications.  Examples of code, documentation allow you an easy integration.

  • Your first steps

- Conference demo: test now and invite a contact to join you

- Discover how to build a simple Video Conference


  • Javascript library demos (Examples on JSFiddle)

- Group Chat using Data Channel

- Video Conference

  • Mail of an unidirectional audio / video stream

- Demo on the transmitter side

- Demo on the receiver side

  • Mail of an  unidirectional audio / video flow + audio feedback

- Demo on the transmitter side

- Demo on the receiver side

  • Source of JavaScript demos

- Download  the examples from GitHub


SDK Android


Our Android SDK allows you to integrate video and audio calling features natively into your Android applications.

Example of projects integrating Linkello Core



Our IOS SDK allows you to integrate video and audio calling features natively within your IOS applications.

    Next step : put into practice


Create your account to allow you to test our solution. This account includes 100 free connections * to the Linkello Core platform valid for 1 month.


If you want to continue your tests or if you want to go into production, you can upgrade it to our paid "Prod" pack with a monthly fee of 25 € for 100 connections.

A price of 0.09 € / connection will be applied beyond 100 monthly connections.

              * : 1 call to 2 people counts for 2 connections, to 3 people for 3 connections. The duration of the call. of each call is unlimited


                                                Note: the pages of your account are under brand of BISTRI, editor of LINKELLO solutions

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