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Simplified & secure teleconsultation

With video calls, remote camera,

secure prescription sending,

online consultation regulations

In a HADS environment (approved hosting of health data)

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Easy access

The email of the medical professional to open the account. A simple click on the link for the patient, no application to download.

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Secure opening

By password or by sending a secure link, sending a secure digital key to the email

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Accessible everywhere

Access your Linkello medical interface whatever your medium: computer, tablets, smartphones

Simple, secure access, on any medium

How does it work for the professional?


1. Create your link

In one click, generate a link to be able to create an online consultation room. You can delete it at any time in your personal space, create several links with unlimited validity.

2. Send the link to the patient

You can send the link:

- in the medical linkello interface,

- or copy / paste and send it by email,

- or with a date / time by calendar invitation.

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4. Online payment

At the end of the consultation, use the secure payment service of Linkello Medical with Stripe. Find the history of your payments directly in your interface.

3. Appointment management

In your interface, find your appointments to be made, with links, call history, and upcoming appointments. Just click on the link at the time of the appointment to join the patient.


And for the patient?

1. Simple as a click

The patient receives the link by email / calendar.

All he has to do is click on it on the day of the appointment,

and to join the teleconsultation room via his computer, tablet or phone with a recent browser. There is no need to install any application,


2. Possibility to make an audio or video appointment

Some patients are not yet comfortable with video, it is still possible to schedule an audio-only appointment. Unlike the telephone or email, exchanges on the platform are confidential and secure, and allow the sending of documents (medical analysis, radios, prescriptions)

Features of the teleconsultation room

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100% confidentiality

The audio and video streams are end-to-end encrypted. There is no server recovery.

Confidentiality of exchanges guaranteed for the doctor and his patient, as with the doctor.

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Secure text chat

During the entire exchange you can exchange in text mode in the ephemeral chat. No trace is kept after the communication.

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Device management

Testing tools are integrated to check your microphone and camera. You can mute your microphone and camera at any time during the session. You can use a remote camera by phone.

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Visio for several

You can be several in the room, between 6-8 in video on average. This makes it possible to contact a specialist, or a colleague for an overall follow-up of a patient.

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Screen sharing

You can show a document or a tab to your interlocutor without any document transfer, without the latter seeing your tabs and your other documents.

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Secure file transfer

Whether sending medical documents by the patient or doctor, or sending a prescription, the file is transferred end-to-end encrypted. After the communication, there is no trace of the file on any server.

Use case: Customization of Linkello Medical to the Doctinet brand


Who is Linkello Medical for ?


General practitioners, specialists (dermatologists, physiotherapists), psychologists and nurses


Medical offices,

care center, hospitals, emergency services

The +: Remote camera, HADS environment, sending of the secure prescription, payment for the online teleconsultation


Occupational medicine, social organizations,



Catel is a resource and expertise center that brings together French players around e-health topics. Linkello is present within Catel as an expert, and also as a supplier of their video solution for expert meetings.


Developers, integrate the Linkello Medical service directly into your applications

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Information request

Contact us below for any questions or project presentation, we will be happy to answer you.

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